Well hello everyone. Not sure who all might be looking in on me. Anyhow, so anybody who reads this knows who they are reading about, I'm a 20-something guy from GA. Of course that's all the info you need to know for now! Usually you'll find me posting on Yahoo Groups, in particular one that I've been running (with help) for the past four years.

Anywho, I've been keeping tabs on Siegfried and Roy lately. I guess Roy is making a recovery. But, it was not an attack according to one witness, but rather a confused tiger protecting his master. Um... okay!

It is late, so I need to hit the bed and get some rest. Also, any help in figuring this thing out is greatly appreciated! Just drop me a line and let me know in the subject that you are helping me out with Blogger, as anybody not in my Hotmail address book will of course have mail delivered to my Spam folder. My Hotmail address already receives spam by the dozens, so that is why I chose to give out that addy and not any of my others. :) OOOOOOK?

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