Still up! Reading CNN for the first time in forever!

CNN.com - Lewinsky says her past has hurt her love life - Nov. 19, 2003

Really? Isn't Tom Green still single? But in all fairness I feel sorry for her. The Prez put her through it and came out smelling like a rose, while everybody still pokes fun at her!

CNN.com - Source: Limbaugh investigated for money laundering - Nov. 20, 2003

Oh how the mighty are being attacked! Is the source on this one the Weekly World News? No, its parent company ABC.

LBJ aides upset over JFK allegation

Ah, so the truth has finally come out! Thanks to Mr. Fox Mulder for finally finding it! Well, one can only hope that it was Agent Mulder... maybe it was Deep Throat? Would love to know when it comes on again!

There, 5:05 AM or so and now bedtime! Will not even begin to post anything on Michael Jackson... one word: guilty! He'd better call in Cochran, because this dude he now has is representing a known murderer, so what chance does MJ have? Plus, wouldn't you just
love to hear the rhyme Cochran uses in either his opening or closing remarks in defending The Weird One?

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