Had a weird dream in the three hours that I slept last night. Dreamed that I got a call from a certain Paul Nelson. It felt so real, from the 'Hey bud!' to the 'Wassup?!?!' to me telling him about the copy of a copy of Jim getting a job (maybe) at W-D and him going, "Awwww man, no!," just different stuff like that. I haven't seen the man in almost five years, yet it felt like I talked to him last night.

Another dream I had a few weeks ago. It started in the Camilla backroom, and I saw Brandy coming up to me, and then we hugged, and then the Camilla backroom morphed into the Bainbridge backroom, and then Brandy morphed into somebody that looked like her, talked like her, but had blonde hair. It just hit me a few days ago that the person Brandy morphed into was Cydney, who started not long after I had that dream. Talk about weird! Which I've been thinking of asking Cydney out, but am going to give it a little time to make sure the time is right, since she did just get out of a relationship. But, very oddly, she seemed a bit on the jealous side when I mentioned April to her, and somebody else I may have made mention about.

But anyhow, off for another short night of sleep. Need to learn to get to bed at a decent hour!

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