Hello Frances, now get going already!

Dreary day here today. Actually opened up the blinds in my room to look outside for a change. Not as windy so far as they said it'd be. They were forecasting 30-60 MPH winds here. Down at work, they're having to deal with damn-near hurricane force winds, which makes me glad I'm off today. I did see that they tried to call me awhile ago, undoubtedly because they need help. I'm not driving 35 miles in this mess!

So Russ is on his way back to North Carolina. Had a pretty fun time while he came to visit. I think that I am finally getting over my hangover from the other night! LOL He let me borrow a few of his CDs to copy down to my computer. While two of them were ones I had but have lost... Fallen by Evanescence and The Better Life by 3 Doors Down, I copied two more: Away From the Sun by 3DD and Audioslave's self-titled album. I burned him my copy of Leave a Whisper by Shinedown. Not bad... a 4-for-1 trade. :D If I'd have had the time, Get Born by Jet would've also been ripped down onto here, but he had to get going home to get some sleep.

Tense, tense moments last night. My dad decided to evacuate to Camilla. No, I did not let him stay here, though I felt guilty afterwards. But I am pissed at him for not bringing grandma up here with him. He just left her to possibly float out to sea. Hope she is OK, but I do have a report that trees are down in that general area where she lives.

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