An old friend calls

(Originally sent via e-mail, but seems to be an issue with e-mail blogging.)

No, it wasn't a certain old co-manager of mine. But rather, Rachel. Or, at the very least, Rachel's mom, as that is where the call originated. I have no idea who was calling, or what they wanted. I haven't seen any of them in so long... I miss seeing all my friends. You'd have thought that when I transferred 35 miles that I moved 3500 miles away.

I had a semi-dream the other day about Rachel. In it, we caught up after many months/years of not seeing each other. We talked a lot about our past. I told her about my transferring, and she was saying she wasn't happy with the way things are going in her life, and we just sort of re-connected. I was in the process of waking up, so I didn't complete the dream. Maybe things are starting anew once more? I've moved on... or have I? We've grown up, but grown apart. I really miss her.

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