Personal foul

So, Ashlee Simpson sung off-key during her performance at the Orange Bowl. Big deal! Just one show. Try going two entire TOURS of singing off-key! Robert Plant got away with it in the '70s.

The above was written before I downloaded and watched the video. First off, bad bad encoding! Video seemed to jump too much, but it could be my system. Now, to the performance: She seemed to actually be doing good right up until about 2/3 through, and then SNAP! But still, her voice fell from comparable to Ann Wilson to somewhere between Yoko Ono and Ann Wilson. I do think that the people there had it predetermined to boo even if she did pull it off perfect.

Actually its amazing to me that an entire website was set up after the lip-sync incident, tracking her every live performance now. How about we get our hands on a freakin' soundboard tape and compare it to an audience bootleg of the same show, and compare both to a multi-tracked recording of the same concert, and then pass judgement?

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