Why can't I predict the winning lotto numbers? OR Radar screen more full!

Cydney came by today. I thought she was going to kiss me when she saw me. I said I'd call her... I still have time to I guess. Again, the rule of 'one/many' has applied. This time, it would be because Scott has told me of a girl who lives here but works in Cairo that wants to go out with me. I welcomed the news... but haven't heard much about this girl since. So yesterday, Hugh and Ashley talked the Coke pull-up guy into setting me up on a date with his daughter. Considering that Cindy, Debbie, and even Stacey Ingram himself all have made dubious opinions known, I think I might want to steer clear. But, I really do like Cydney. What could possibly go wrong???

Oh yeah, this is me we're talking about!

If Nellie reminds me of what would happen if mine and Rachel's DNA were somehow mixed together, then should it come as a surprise that she is now single? She mentioned it today. Many months ago, Ansley had asked her about if me and her were an item. Could've been the fact we talked all the time. I may have mentioned something about it that got blown out of proportion at the time. But, see minor rule #38 in the W-D handbook and you will see why I will never try to date a current co-worker. Hang out with in a truly platonic fashion, yeah I'm up for that.

I was sitting here awhile ago and was thinking, "OK, now what else? Amy and/or Tami re-entering the picture?" Funny I should think that.... a half-hour later, Tami popped online, and actually messaged me! She needs help with her taxes, more specifically, her IE won't do pop-ups. So, guess where I'll be heading in a few days?

Give me a few minutes, and I will post a radar screen. LOL

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