Even MORE FUN with Template settings!

You would think I have gotten the hang of HTML, Javascript, and God knows what else if you take a look at my blog now! Watched The O.C. (um... recorded using a PVR, sorta), looked outside and it was raining... weird that it wasn't until I watched this show, and in it it was raining. So I quickly figured I wasn't going to be doing any laundry tonight, so I figured I'd work on the blog some. (I need to be working on the group, but I figure this is easier to find, hence linking like mad might draw some people to the group... see how that works? LOL) Been hitting up the Knowledge Base, and am coming across a load of neat stuff I can do! Of course with help from (read: seeing stuff on) blogs I have come across, I am finding things to add. Now, where was that site where I can pretty much bypass Atom and get an honest-to-God RSS feed? Oh yeah, another thing: with adding the site counter (or was it the Javascript referral system?), I was able to get the Atom feed to actually show my blog graphics a la Dave Barry's blog. But... that's all that showed up! Text wouldn't show. Must've been a temporary glitch in Atom, or something went a little ca-ca with Mozilla Thunderbird.

And yes, a Sitemeter will be going up on the group soon... once I can figure out how to get it in the group description HTML. Some help would be nice! I just wanna see how busy or how dead that place really is.

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