Just a coincidence

Went by and saw Rachel after work. Of course my route from Bainbridge to Pelham has to take me by Brandie's residence, so I rode by there again. But anyhow, Rachel did not call me about hearing a rumor... it was some computer repair work. It was great to see her again, and to hear that her and her hubby are patching things up. We both agreed on something (that shall remain secret in here), but can't figure it out.

But now we're back to square-one on Operation Get to the Point. Although I have a couple of ideas... ideas I didn't think I'd ever utilize to be honest. I just wanna know if Brandie was being truthful or not, that's all. I want to be able to trust her, but knowing who she knows, added to the length of time she just hung on the front-end, her story seems full of holes. I really do care about her, and want to know if it would be worth trying to pursue something beyond friendship... just in case.

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