New level of tired!

So I'm not as young as I used to be. But then again two beers on top of being up for 22 hours solid on top of four hours of sleep does tend to make one wish they could hibernate! Never been this tired before. And the fun continues tomorrow... going to take the digicam to Bainbridge in the AM so that Robin can get accustomed to it and try it out on the photo printer, and then closing in Cairo. I could, of course, back out of it, but figured I haven't really pushed myself much lately, so why not take it to the limit one more time?

It is currently snowing in Hell! Charles has decided to leave W-D and head to Publix. One of his asst. managers called him at home and ripped him for everything in the book... something that maybe should've been done long ago by me, but its a lot like a movie quote: "Young fool, only now at the end do you understand." Thankfully I understood long ago, so I have not yet reached the end. I'm just getting started.

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