Should I tempt fate?

Well, my plans for tomorrow are definitely to get a new TV, preferably this one. Afterwards, I'm tempted to go and see Rachel. Well, that's a given, so I can figure out why she was calling me.

And while in Pelham, should I proceed to Brandie's house? Doing that has its dangers, namely getting stuck in the mud! And besides that, what if she isn't there again? And besides that, if she is there, how should I proceed? Should I just play catch-up? Or should I proceed to give into my feelings for her, throwing my present, very happy relationship to the wind?

And while I'm thinking about my relationship, I wonder if April is really as into it as I am? It tears me apart to not see her as often as I'd like. But lately when we do talk, it seems like she is not as enthusiastic as she once was. I'd love for it to work out, but wonder if either she or I, really deep down, want it to. Its like I was explaining to Robin yesterday: everytime I start talking to one person (or in this case, dating somebody), the floodgates open and I start questioning myself. Used to only one person came up, and now she is again: Rachel. And now Brandie is firmly in the picture for now. Of course if I wanted to get really adventurous, I'd try my hand at the career-suicide option.

That's the other thing: transfer back to Camilla and try to single-handedly reign in the front-end (no small task if I don't get FEM or ASM), or stay put? The guys over in the Middle East might force me to decide on that one, however.

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