Thoughts about the same thing

Was thinking, while I was e-mailing Rachel last night, how I hadn't really hung out with any female co-workers since... well, Rachel. And then I corrected myself, "No, Ashlee was the last one." Funny I should think that, as I bumped into her at the store today. She said she had been thinking about me as well. We exchanged numbers, and I might just give her a call one of these days. (I told Cydney the same thing, but haven't called yet.) Turns out Ashlee is now living within a half-mile of me. I almost went by to se eher, but stayed at mom's instead, since 10.5 came on, and I wanted to watch it. Plus it was the perfect excuse from keeping me from going to see Brandie instead.

Guess its official, I have turned into Paul Nelson!

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