What's playing on my iTunes?

Can you now tell I am bored as shit!

in order of what's on now to what first played like, oh, two hours ago, along with a few comments

Shine It All Around - Robert Plant (comeback complete, now needs some airplay! oh yeah, Gulf 104 is playing it like mad!)
Four Sticks - Led Zeppelin
Falls Apart - Sugar Ray (damn this song is the most rocking song they ever did!)
Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd (the 2nd best post-Wall song they did)
Tea for One - Led Zeppelin (hearing any part of this song without vocals makes you swear it was Since I've Been Loving You)
Crush - Jennifer Paige
Come Clean - Hilary Duff (OK, so this is leftover crap from when I burned a CD for somebody, but I like it)
That's the Way - Led Zeppelin (was best live, so that's what I listened to)
You've Got to Stand for Something - Aaron Tippin
Meadows - Joe Walsh
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who (this version rocks more than Limp Bizkit's version)
Members Only - Sheryl Crow
Brown Eyes - Fleetwood Mac
Nobody's Fool - Avril Lavigne
Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac (the song is good, but the video is better... Stevie Nicks was a hottie back in the day!)
Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson (appropriate title, considering that the vocals were pieced together)
Custard Pie - Led Zeppelin
Don't Let Me Down Again - Buckingham/Nicks (release this album on CD please!)
Got a Hold On Me - Christine McVie (we know where the FM sound came from)
Changes - 3 Doors Down
World Turning - Fleetwood Mac (wish I had the live version of this!)
Taurus - Spirit (does that guitar line sound familiar?)
Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
An American Trilogy - Elvis Presley (the best song ever!)
Love Changes - Stevie Nicks
Reach - Gloria Estefan
Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles
Fade - Staind
Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock
Life Begin Again - Afro Celt Sound System featuring Robert Plant (Plant's solo comeback starts here)
Zooma - John Paul Jones (we now know who brought what to Zep's table)
Sarah Yellin' - 3 Doors Down
Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
Lookin' Out My Back Door - CCR (written as John Fogerty was, literally, lookin' out his back door)
State of Grace - Billy Joel
Storms - Fleetwood Mac (the 3rd best Stevie Nicks contribution to Tusk, behind Sisters of the Moon and Sara)
Starry Eyed Surprise - Paul Oakenfold (might I suggest his remix of Led Zeppelin's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You?)
Simple Kind of Life - No Doubt
Darkness, Darkness (Robert Plant's comeback shifts into high gear)

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