Am I alone in the SW GA blogging business?

ARGH! Blogger went a little ca-ca as I hit the publish button, so I will try it again.

So a though occured to me just now (well, actually last night, but I was too tired to type). Am I the only one in Southwest Georgia blogging? I haven't come across anybody else yet that seems to live in this area and have a blog. Just wondering if I am alone out there.

Kinda sucks to live in a town named after the future Queen of England. But kinda fun as well when you read the tabloid headlines. For example, William Attacks Camilla could make it seem like the town just got leveled by a royal run-amok! Camilla's Fury makes it sound like the town gets hit by way too many natural disasters, or that we like to run-amok! And try having a friend named Charles... and working in a grocery store chain that has a location in Camilla! Camilla Dumps Charles gave me endless fodder when that hit early last year. And just after it came out... Charles did leave Camilla! The asst. store manager and the store location, not the Prince of Wales and the soon-to-be Duchess of Cornwall.

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