The Apple Tree

OK, this isn't about anybody in particular... well, kinda sorta, but then again lots of people I know might think it is about them. As an added note, its taken me an hour to do this, far longer than most poems I've written, and I flipped around a few verses. I'll consider it a work in progress for now.

You're like forbidden fruit
Something I'm not supposed to have
After all you've been through
You deserve someone to love

You always brighten the room
With such sass and flair
Around you there is no gloom
Joy always fills the air

I want to be the one
It just can't come to pass yet
My love couldn't be outdone
But I can't go through with it

The situation is well known
Stupid things keep us at bay
It makes me want to groan
Because there must be a way

I won't let my true emotions show
The truth might seem strange
Maybe one day you will know
And then we'll see what will change

Maybe I'm just thinking crazy
Or just tired of being burned
I'd love to go all the way
Its something I've always yearned

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