My new drive

Got my new DVD burner today. Been playing with it most of the day today. It was a slight pain to install. What I wanted to do was take out my old DVD-ROM drive and put the recordable DVD drive in its slot. But Gateway decided it wasn't going to come out. I started to put it in the lower expansion bay, as I was going to disconnect my Zip drive (remember those?) and use its connections. The motherboard prevented that as it was physically in the way. Boot up was nerve-racking, as it was when I put the hard drive in last year, since last year I was without a computer for a few weeks. (A footnote to that is, DO NOT USE Spybot Search and Destroy, as it will search and destroy the wrong parts of your computer if you aren't careful.) After boot up, all was well.

First up was, obviously, the DVD test... as my old DVD drive decided it only wanted to play DVDs made before 2000. Popped in Disc 2 of Led Zeppelin DVD, went straight to the Knebworth section. Passed with flying colors. Next up was the CD test... Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes Live at the Greek was selected for this task. Forgot to turn my speakers down from the DVD test and was blown away... test passed. Next was the CD-R test. I have the Shinedown CD, and had to change some iTunes settings anyhow, so that was selected. Three minutes later, I was pleased! So then came the CD-R data test. Filled up a disc, and burned in four minutes. And then came the DVD+R test... I was amazed that it only took 12 minutes to burn one! When blank dual-layer DVD media comes down in price, I will try out one of those. But in just one day I was able to back up and delete roughly 10 GB worth of shit that had piled up on my computer... going from just 2 GB free on two drives to 12.

Yeah, I'm happy. :)

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