I think I am going to end it with April. :( To catch up everybody on what transpired... I told her on Friday night that I would be down there at the beach at around 5:30-5:45 or so on Sunday. She said she would definitely be down there. So I left work right at 3 PM, stopping twice. Once was to gas up ($30... too fucking high!), and the other was to get directions (for all you ladies out there, you read it right... a man stopped and asked for directions!), and drove all the way down there. St. George Island is not as congested or as huge as Panama City, so it should've been easy to find her. I drove up and down a few times, then parked and walked up and down the beach and up and down the strip a few times. I called her friend's cell phone several times (April said her cell wouldn't be working), then finally gave up and headed home. That was 283 miles of driving just to wind up back home, or roughly 248 more than required to go home.

So I talked to her last night, and she said she was sorry that I drove all the way down there. Get this: her phone wound up working, while her friend's didn't! But that's not what got me pissed. OK, we hardly see each other anyhow, and I mentioned that today would be perfect. She came up with excuse after excuse to avoid spending time with me.

So basically I waited 3 years for this? I wasted 3 years is more like it. Sure I'm upset... wouldn't you be?

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