Uh-oh... going country, going back to the 80s

I find myself being hooked to Nashville Star lately. I'm more or less a huge rock fan. Witness my iTunes library: 1305 songs (and counting), 81 of which are country, for a batting average of -- .062. Before I found three albums I had ripped down using WMA format and imported them, that figure was way less.

But no, I was over at my mom's one night, and she watched it. Of course I had every opportunity to run and jump into the Flint, but stayed around. Went and watched it with her again last night. I must say I'm scared at the prospect of any Poison song being converted to country that isn't named Every Rose Has Its Thorn but that's what's gonna happen next week. There is one dude I am pulling for... I won't say who, but anybody else out there think he looks like Buddy Holly reincarnated?

Oh yeah, anybody else notice that, as with the 70s when we started reliving the 50s, with the 80s when we started reliving the 60s a bit, with the 90s we started actually reviving 70s groups, that nowadays we are starting to relive the 80s? I like the new song by Billy Idol... and he's actually getting some airplay! And that sound he has with it, sure it sounds dated, but heyits very cool! Although I could live without some of the covers... The Boys of Summer, OK, but better in original (or DJ Sammy) form. Dirty Laundry could've been covered by a better artist... it was absolutely killed! Jesse's Girl is OK, but one I am having a bit of hard time swallowing is the remake of Under Pressure but then again, I couldn't really get into that song in original form to start with. Honorable mention goes to one 1979 remake: Another Brick in the Wall, Parts 1-3 by Korn. It doesn't completely blow away the original by Pink Floyd, but it answers the question of what would all three parts sound like joined together and closed out with Goodbye, Cruel World... answer: you're blown away!

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