Yo! Where's the rain???

They were predicting more damn rain today. That would've made my drive home interesting... Mustangs aren't exactly amphibious vehicles! But, thankfully the heavy rain held off. Good thing too, as the majority of my driver's side wiper blade is probably wrapped around somebody's tire or floating into the Flint somehow. Need to get a new one. A Mexican dude pointed out what I should get. Guess he'd know, since they probably get more rain in parts of that country than we do.

And... she IMed me. Yup, April. Nothing of too much substance.

And in one of those weird coincidences with timing, I was going on break at the exact same time that Nellie was off to get food from Hardee's for everybody. Coincidentally, Jeff was going to send me to Hardee's anyhow, but thought I was taking too long in going. So both me and Nellie ended up going. And wouldn't you know it, I would have the last Led Zeppelin concert ever playing in my car at that exact moment. I told her that I had it already burned to CD but lost it... guess what I found over the weekend?

And when I got back, Robin was there. Nope, she hasn't moved yet. Yup, moving this weekend. Guess who is closing three nights in a row? Yup, me! What a time for me to get back on normal scheduling. :(

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