Exposing a problem

As my blog is set up (as I'm sure most blogs are), newest posts show up first, which is perfect for this! As I threatened, I grabbed my HP Photosmart 120 as I was on my way out the door to work one morning to take pictures of gas prices in Southwest GA. As I am a lazy sod sometimes, I am just now posting the pics. Its in reverse chronological order, With my last stop (Thomasville) being the first pic you will see. The pics from Cairo and entering T'ville I took as I was actually in motion... which is pretty foolish, but I didn't feel like stopping in the middle of Hwy. 84! T'ville was interesting... amazing how much cheaper one can find gas by driving just a few miles! Not posted was my pic of Flash Foods in Pelham... it was actually HIGHER than the Camilla Flash Foods on the same day. But I missed the sign by a few feet... could've gotten it without zooming, but the numbers would've been pretty hard to read in the pic. Click on the pics below to enlarge them.

Of course, do I or do I not send these to either WALB or Congressman Bishop and try to get some type of investigation started?

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