Finally some rest!

I have rather enjoyed myself on my first day off in a week and a half. Thanks to having to work morning shifts, I couldn't sleep past 7:30 this morning, as much as I would've liked to. So, I went and mowed my lawn. I haven't mowed my own lawn in almost two years, since last year I paid somebody to do it for me. But, I wanted to try my new mower myself. Now, I mow grass about as well as I swim... which, simply put, is not all that great! But this is a more powerful mower than any we ever had growing up... 4.5 horses. WOO-HOO! Plus my grass was pretty up there. I did my best job ever, and my yard looks a whole lot better.

Actually worked on my car as well. I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever, unless 'under the hood' consists of microchips, transistors, and various cables and wires. But, I needed new windshield wiper blades, as mine were the original factory parts, and one had already ended up in Big Slough Creek... the blade part, not the whole assembly. Took me about 20-25 minutes, but I finally got the suckers on! Hopefully they stay on, as I'd hate to be driving through a Southwest Georgia rainstorm and have the entire blade assembly flying onto the road!

Felt nice to actually be doing something that didn't involve Winn-Dixie. :)

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