Just when I thought it was safe....

... I reference the following picture:

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Yep, she's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! After a year of NOT talking to her, almost a year after my phone stopped ringing non-stop at 2 in the morning, she has decided to call me. My phone rang three times in five minutes. Its not ringing as I type. I had been curious as to what she was up to. I had even thought of dropping her blocks. Guess this would be proof-positive as to why that might not be a good idea at the moment.

I WAS about to go to sleep... not now! Now I'm too wound up. And now I'm pissed. When it comes to my sleep, the first thing one can do to really piss me off is to prevent my sleeping.

(Oh by the way, if you just so happen to be reading this entry my dear, I invite you to hit the comment button to let me know.)

(Update 5/16/05 2:22 PM - She called me again at 2 in the morning, sufficiently waking my ass up! I turned the ringer off on my phone, something I never do lately. Good thing I did, as she called again at 3 AM.)

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