Career change, part 8

Once again I'm pondering a career away from Winn-Dixie. Basically it might be due to my contemplating quitting back in 2001, when we were in-between store managers before Stacey came in to take over Camilla. I might want to be careful about what I say here, since people can and do get needlessly fired for expressing work complaints on blogs. Of course nobody I work with knows where my blog is... at least, none that I know of.* But I will say this: If what I think might happen does happen, then it is a shitty deal.** And if who we are all speculating might take our store in that event does indeed come, then I will have no choice but to either quit or transfer back to Camilla*** or... all things considered, surprised I'm saying this... Cairo. That experience was bad enough the first time around!

*Of course, if they do a search, they might just find me

**I'm not completely sure of the situation, but from what I do know, it was bad but we were already under the microscope to start with

***Might happen anyhow, but not in my present position. ;)

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