Anticipating Dennis

Well, its not going to be as bad as they said it would... like I said last night. I must've been channelling Gil Patrick when I said that, as he always liked to prove "they, being the National Weather Service" wrong when he was alive. I mean, how in the hell could we have gotten wind gusts of 103 MPH with the worst part of it being 200 miles away? Now, the maximum wind gusts might just barely top 60 from what I've been reading. But, some scary moments for a moment, as it aligned with the Camilla longitude and was heading NORTH! But its turning. They say it might turn back this way before all is said and done. Either way, my trip home is going to be a doozy!

Oh, "they" said it wouldn't get back to Cat3. "They" said a low-pressure system in Texas and a high-pressure system on the other side of Florida would sheer it. Once again, "they" were wrong. And now that I think about it, "they" might be right about that 103 MPH wind gust if this strengthening keeps up.

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