OK, the disclaimer

The problem with having a rather large online presence, mostly under one screenname, is that there comes a point where one has to wonder if they need to go back and edit things, or wish they could go back. Of course my hacking through this blog and deleting posts might have to happen. Or, I could always change the web address of this one to something a little less noticeable, since I've basically used the same screen name every-freakin'-where now. But, why try to hide anything?

So with that, the mission statement of this blog, and additionally with everywhere else I post, as it relates to people I know who might one day stumble across this thing is this:

I wrote it. This is what I felt at the time that I was writing. People change, so I may, depending on the circumstance, say something nicer or meaner about you. Deal with it.

Of course should I ever have to deal with having to delete posts, they'll go somewhere nobody can find them. They'll be for reference should I ever have to dig them up for some reason.

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