The Big One

Well, so I was wrong with the plot of this hurricane. Its heading for New Orleans. Last year when all the hurricanes were hitting Florida and making U-turns towards this area, a dude I know form NO was like, "Yeah, we're always fearing a cat 5 bearing down on us. That'll sink us!" Obviously he hasn't gotten online in the past couple of days to update everybody at the forum. I'd have offered him a place to stay, but he got out before the rest of NO!

I've never seen anything like this. I thought Allison, Erin and Opal were bad enough 10 years ago when they roared through here. This is making Andrew look like a category 1. I've been watching the various newscasts from New Orleans, and right now channel 2 out of Orlando is having to simulcast on channel 6 out of NO, while the 6 crew gets to safety. And this beast is HUGE! We got hit by a squall from its outer feeder band a few hours ago, which caught me totally off-guard. True, it could've been much worse had it headed this way. I wouldn't be writing this, that's for sure!

Hopefully it won't be as catastrophic as they say. They're estimating it to be the first $100 BILLION disaster! I sure hope not.

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