Finally an update

Yeah, I know, been awhile again. But anyhow, been busy with work again. We've been underscheduled the past few days, so its made things pretty trying.

One of my co-workers asked me to party with her Friday. I might... since after all the last time one of my co-workers asked me out to a party was roughly 5 years ago. As fate would have it, it'll be one day past 5 years since that night! Ah, I remember it well... I had called Amy, and was planning on taking her out to a movie. It ended up we stayed there, along with her sister (another co-worker), their cousin, another girl from work and her husband. I had a little bit to drink... for the first time. I also saw certain body parts for the first time. The videotape of that night may or may not exist, and if it does it might be a fourth-gen copy by now! :P

So, makes me wonder if some cosmic force isn't at work with this. Who knows, it might be another night of firsts, although I'm not sure if I'd really want that though.

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