Actual News Channel!

I was shocked... SHOCKED!... that Fox News Channel, which I have alternatively called 'No News Channel' or 'Tabloid News Channel' or various other names, actually had news the other night. I saw the video. Could this be why they finally decided to kick things into high gear after, oh, too damn long, in getting help to New Orleans? As far as getting food and medical supplies to those still trapped, and started working on getting those trapped out? CNN has been on this for days. I haven't watched MSNBC, but they've probably been on top of it as well. I'm sure Fox has as well, but not as dramatic as they were Friday night. I think after this crisis is over, a few reporters ought to get together and start up a new cable news net... one that reports actual news, not bias towards one agenda or the other. Hell, what about bloggers banding together and starting up a news net? We are the new journalists, right?

I cried a bit... men aren't supposed to cry, but how could you not cry after seeing Geraldo holding those babies that probably hadn't been fed in days? Or seeing the Senator... can't think of her name... cry at the thought that funding was cut to improve the levees, and right now only one crane was working on fixing it?

As I said somewhere else, in times of crisis, drop the politics, drop the bullshit, and get the damn help there even if you have to siphon it from something supposedly important. God knows how many people perished as a result of inaction, both on the federal level, or the local level (anybody else see the pic of all those busses in that parking lot that could've been used to get the people out before the storm hit?). It makes me sick to my stomach that the various levels of government took so long to help their fellow countrymen.

I might regret saying this, but did we not learn from 20th century history why it is always bad to elect somebody from Texas? Don't get me wrong, not all Texans are bad; I have several friends who are from Texas. But we seem to pick the absolute worst of the crop when it comes to running this country! I do remember reading about presidents being very corrupt back in the 1800s and putting their buddies in charge of various things. Did nobody learn from that why that is a bad idea? Do you think anybody will learn from this?

OK, I'll shut up now. To quote the song, wake me up when September ends!

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