Now who put that there?

Just saw a brand new Blog Search button on the side of the main Blogger page. Haven't tried it yet, but hope that it can finally enable me to find somebody from this area other than me and one or two other people that blog!

Oh, the countdown is at T-minus 24 hours (give or take) left to work in Bainbridge. Three more days... this feels different. When I left Camilla, I was so ready to go that I just basically laid down the whole week, and as I clocked out, I felt like a giant boulder was being lifted off my shoulders. This time, I am throwing everything I have at it one more time, keeping things running as smooth as possible, and not letting up. I am leaving behind something I love doing, but in the end know its for the best, that I can't keep the same position forever. The phrase 'tight but loose' was once used to describe Led Zeppelin. I'd like to think everybody I work with in Bainbridge follows the 'tight but loose' principle. Makes things run a whole lot better.

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