OK, busy week! First off, my store manager was fired! Let me set the record straight here: no, I don't know the reasons why. I've heard as much as you have, and maybe a little less. Seems everybody else around here knows what's going on, and none of us at the Cairo store know anything or won't admit to it (myself included), so please, if you work for W-D in Camilla, Bainbridge or Quincy, please let me know what the hell happened. :P Or, I could ask my neighbor, since she heard five full hours before I heard from somebody in Quincy, four before my co-manager did (from Bainbridge of all places).

OK, now that that's out of the way...

My old boss from Camilla/Bainbridge called me up. He said he is loving his job, and that its the easiest one he's ever had. He tried to talk me into taking a store down in Tallahassee, but that's too far to go for me.

And of course Greg showed up the day after my Cairo boss was fired. See paragraph 1. My newly-transferred associate from Bainbridge went from cheerful to ready-to-kill in that instant. :P There's a chance he might come to our store. So basically I leave and everybody wants to follow me? LOL

So Friday night Greg called the store, again trying to get info out of me. He basically knows what I know about the whole deal, and if he knows any more, he isn't telling me. Afterwards, the phone rang again, and I joked, "Somebody else from W-D, probably calling from Quincy!" Right company, right county, but it was Nellie. We chatted a bit on the phone, and then after work I raced down to her house... only 15 miles from work. I stayed out there chatting with her for over three hours! Ah, it felt so nice to be coming home at 4 AM. :D

My birthday is this coming Friday, and I actually have plans on it for the first time ever. Trust me, I am looking forward to it. :)

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