Off my chest

I can't hold it in anymore....

I don't care if she sees this....

I want her to know... how pissed I am... and the whole world to see.

So, the whole reason why me and April broke up was because of one thing: the age gap between us and how her parents would react. I'm seven years older than her. I kept asking her, almost begging her, "When can I meet your parents?" Because I know that I'm a good guy, and would not do anything to hurt April, and wanted to assure her parents that hey, I may be in my mid-20s and she may be in her late teens, but age is nothing but a number. I really loved April... still do I guess.

So fast-forward to the weekend before this past one. She was telling me about how frustrated she was with her new boyfriend. Naturally I could handle that, since of course since the break-up I've gone out on a few dates. What I couldn't handle was when she told me how old he was: 25. OK let's see, I'd been 25 most of the year, so what's the difference? So tonight she told me that her new bf met her parents. I'm currently extremely pissed, and extremely hurt.

What was so wrong with me? Or were you just leading me along the whole time? I waited for you! I was a fool. But I will move on. I should be happy for you, but how can I be?

OK, MySpace blogging time, since that's where I put my poems as of late. (And of course, we're in Disclaimer territory)

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