In the present

So I started going out with a girl named Brittany. She is perfect for me! Of course the age gap is pretty large... over 8 years. But, her family is OK with it. I get along great with her family, so that's definitely a good thing! We're just friends in case you're wondering; no chance of getting more serious than that in the forseeable future. But she has made a very deep impact on me. I could see myself waiting for her....

Its been awhile

April and I have been talking a bit more and more. Deep down in both of us, we still harbor feelings for each other. But, she is still with her boyfriend and I'm going out with somebody else. But, we've been getting into some pretty deep conversations recently, and it is beginning to seem like we might get back together. It seems we're both hard habits to break.

All levels of Hell

As if my personal life hasn't started getting confusing, work has been going very rough! A store closing sale, for those of you who are the consumer, might sound like a fantastic thing for your pockets. But for us who work in it, it is a nightmare. We've had over half the store quit, and some people are already laid off or transferred. So with what is left, we're having to deal with holiday-level business, but instead of one or two really big days, we're faced with it on a constant basis. Add customers who can't understand the discount system, or who I think are pulling the wool over our eyes on some of the higher-priced items. Everybody's nerves are frayed; even my old boss, who usually has a very high breaking point, seems about ready to give in. I'm glad I'm off until Wednesday, so I can recover! I may have developed insomnia from it, since I couldn't sleep a wink last night, and only got a two-hour nap this afternoon.

The past comes back...

In the middle of going through torture, I saw two old friends who had moved away, but have returned! I guess they couldn't stay away from Southwest GA for long. They have a new addition to their family, and have their own business now. That's great news!

...sometimes its good...

I ran into Lisa the other night. I hadn't seen her since a couple of months after I left for Bainbridge. She and Willl are doing quite well. The next day, she called offering me a job at a credit agency. I'm thinking about going, if the pay is close to or the same as the pay I'm making now. It'd mean I'd get out of retail hell. I may even be learning a few IT tactics, which would drfinitely help me out. :)

...sometimes its interesting...

Rachel called me today. She is on MySpace now, and wants to get her scanner up and running to get some pics up. I've been meaning to get over there, but have just been too busy with work to do anything about fixing her scanner. But I added her, and she added me. She is still very much married, so I'm not too worried.

...sometimes its alarming...

Going through Rachel's profile, I landed on a few others I've met through the years, and used to hang out with. I saw one pic, though, that threw me into scared mode! It was Angee. Putting it nicely, she looks like hell. But the fact that three clicks away there is a pic of her has me on alert. I don't want to bump into her.

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