Going home...changed

So with the store closing, I had a severe lack of options... namely, one: go back to Camilla in a reduced role. Every bone in my body resisted going back to Camilla in any position. But, it was the only one, since moving closer to or directly in Tallahassee was not an option I really wanted to do. But, after two years of basically moving away from Camilla, I got a little homesick. I felt like I proved to myself that the only way to learn anything was to get out, and I wanted to prove something else. Going back is going to be fun, since I'm not the same person I was two years ago.

I basically grew up... was forced to. I didn't have as many people to protect me. Between Bainbridge and Cairo, I gained something I've always lacked: confidence. I was always so unsure of what I was doing, and was afraid if I did something wrong, I'd be written up and/or threatened with termination. I learned to work in a team environment a lot better, since usually I did things myself, or they had to be done my way or the highway. I started to voice my opinion more and more on how I thought something should be done, and actually listened if there was a better solution to what I offered up... although on a couple of occasions (in Bainbridge) I still debated the point, and I usually ended up right. (My arguing back was something I didn't do two years ago, either.) Another thing was that I used to feel so awkward around people. Maybe that has something to do with how I was brought up. But, I lost that awkwardness thankfully and am a lot more comfortable around people. Most of all, I learned to fucking lighten up! I used to be wound so uptight and took everything so seriously all the damn time.

I'm ready for Camilla... let's rock!

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