Something is funny with Western Union

(NOTE: I'm just reporting what I know, since nobody else is reporting this. Yes, I've searched everywhere else. No, nobody else is even talking about this. I'm just throwing out what I know for the curious ones out there who may be trying to find out something.)

So, we got an agent message today (or, we just noticed it today) that said that effective June 6, any transactions being sent to or from the state of Arizona were to be no more than $450, and all had to have ID. This seems very odd to treat one state like its a different country. I can't find anything on it, other than a report that The Arizona Republic did earlier this year talking about Western Union's part in the immigration debate. There's also a story on some blog or other type of site (click here and then "Find" the phrase Western Union on that page) that might be a clue.

IF I had to guess, it could be that Western Union is either doing its part in helping curb illegal immigration, or is trying to stop money flowing to the Minuteman Project, which are citizens trying to stop illegal immigration themselves. Another thing could be that they are trying to stop some drug trafficking. I've heard of some major drug trafficking out of AZ, so this may not be far-fetched.

We're just very much in the dark as to why all of a sudden we have to do this.

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