(It is shocking that I had to copy this one over from my MySpace blog as this one is more private than that one. But, oh well.)

I'm finally letting you go
I've held for far too long
Even though it ended with us long ago
Somebody else reminded me of you
Your spell was just too strong
Now its effect is through

As long as I was with her
All the dreams I had for us happened
As long as I was with her
The happiness we had returned
As long as I was with her
I never remembered the bad

Now the pain that I put off so long
Is hitting like a ton of bricks
Maybe being with her was a mistake
But I felt like I got a second chance
Foolishly I dove in again
I should've known better

You two have so much in common
Even though you are both so different
In the end the fault was not mine
And even though I can forgive
I'll never forget the pain
But I can finally tell you goodbye

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