Yes, I am still here

And yes, this person is still one ugly individual:

(Some in Cairo will get this.)

But anyways, a lot has been going on. I just haven't had the chance to blog much. But hopefully that is changing soon. I will say that lately, I've turned into the one thing I never thought I would. That would be a Nelson clone! My hairline has even started receding lately. If I start to develop a friggin' bald spot on top of my head, I'm getting hair transplants! But, this time its different, as in, more adult, more serious. I think the part of me that held onto 18 as long as possible is starting to give way to this late 20s persona. Its kinda hard to describe. But I find myself moving away from wanting to date 18-year-olds (well, there are still at least 2 I'd go out with) to wanting to date my age or older. Maybe I've finally decided to find somebody mature who might be able to tame my slowly drifting out-of-control ass. :P

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