Attention cravers

So a couple of weeks ago I checked out a site call Encyclopædia Dramatica based on hearing about it in some YouTuber's video. Well, the video in question was just simply somebody calling somebody else on the phone asking what the deal was with disappearing from YouTube. And then it hit me. Apparently the reason I haven't become even remotely world famous because of my various musings splattered across the internet for over eight years is because I've never been an attention craver! Yes, I'm using that term, since you have to be an attention craver to get attention, then you can become an attention whore. I just call things as I see them, and have been for over eight years now. I just find it amazing that some people out there are celebrities that shouldn't be. I guess ol' Andy Warhol was right after all.

Now me, if I was to try to become a serious YouTuber, I'd try to have something more thoughtful to say. Yes, I tried to do it at one point, and stopped after four videos. I don't devote my life to one site... well, Blogger, but even then I go long stretches without posting anything here! Plus I don't have all this hi-priced shit that everybody else does to make a short little video of just yammering my head off. I have a crappy little generic webcam, a microphone that came with this computer, and Windows Movie Maker. That's all I need. Plus, I'm not going to put much thought into producing something with what little I have. The one thing that makes some of these YouTube Attention Cravers turn into full-blown attention whores is that they say something stupid, get attention, and have to keep it up. Not me.

Now, time for the mandatory swipe at the site admin of a site that I will not give any publicity to, not even bad. He'll know who he is should he come across this. Dude, in the words of the great William Shatner, "Get a life!" I work a job that pays my bills and puts food in my belly. I too have a site, but I don't put much into it. I also don't fake hating a site, like MySpace, and promptly sell myself on it! I don't live off of attention, sorry.

Last thing: I understand Hollywood is running out of ideas, since they'll hire people who post mindless, senseless videos that features them either sobbing, whining, or generally getting on my nerves! Hey, give me a call, I can come up with a number of ideas rather quickly should I choose to. First up: the one about a girl who gets married way too soon, and the trials and tribulations she faces because of this error.

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