I seriously need to start a new blog

With as much celeb news, political news, sports news, and news news as I publish, I clearly need to start a blog full of links stuff I find along with my commentary. The only reason I'm posting this is because I posted a comment that is sure to get buried. Below is the link, followed by my comments in the indent:

Brit Goes Bald: Inside the Salon! | Usmagazine.com

Clearly she has finally gone off the deep-end. I would too if I'd been in the spotlight constantly since I was 17, and have had every move of the last three or four years I made further scrutinized under a microscope. Plus, we've all done some soul-searching, right? Hers is being done in full view of the world

Seeing the video on X17, something has clearly happened to her. Maybe the death of Anna Nicole Smith pushed her towards it, or maybe Lindsay Lohan's attempts at rehab inspired her to try something. Or maybe she finally sat down, read the reports about herself, and had a moment of clarity and wants to start fresh. Anybody remember Lenny Kravitz talking about cutting his dreads off, saying he felt the energy being released as they came off? Maybe she's thinking the same thing

In any case, good luck with her finding herself.

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