In the dark about something at work... what else is new? I was in the dark about my demotion as well. But the good news is that I finally get to manage again, albeit for just a day. :( But I'm gonna make that one day count for something!

My romantic confidence is now at an all-time low! It is bad enough when one girl reminds me how much better looking my bro is than me, but now to have it suggested to me that I hang around the library to meet somebody who might fit my personality... low-blow! At this point I'm just interested in going out, hanging out, and maybe sleeping with somebody. The latter I never thought would be an option, but I guess its time to embrace the morally unethical reality of the world. Oh, that was another blow: people gettin it on in my bed!!!

Day off tomorrow thanks to my day off request getting messed up. I might call a friend I haven't seen in what seems like ages, but its only been two months. This causes the confusion over who I want to go out with. I-know-who is fine, but I wonder if I can wait that long? I want to, but at the same time would it be all for nothing?

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