Here I go again, starting to have feelings for somebody. This time, it seems that somebody has feelings for me as well. I can't get her off my mind; she's all I think about. But, asking her out is easier said than done. I always get nervous, wondering if I will eventually screw it up. But, she's known me for over a year, so she knows how I am and she still likes me. I can't think of how long I have felt like this towards her. Was it two weeks ago when Stephanie came out and said, "I believe you like Brandie," or was it a month before that when I thought to myself that I would really like to go out with Brandie, or was it late last year when we seemed to be flirting up a storm, or was it this past summer when Stacey joked that if me and Brandie had kids they'd be really skinny, or was it before that when I talked to Brandie for over three hours one night, or was it that night I first met her at Angee's house and I thought to myself, "She is cute, I wish I could get to know her better,"?

I'm putting everything on the line... its not recommended by Winn-Dixie to date, but screw that! Lacey doesn't like Brandie, which come Thanksgiving that will make an interesting Thanksgiving dinner. :p But, Brandie is looking for the same thing I am looking for: somebody to be with who will take it seriously, not just be somebody to go with until somebody better comes along. I need to take the chance and ask her out, or else it will be too late. I just need to get the courage up to do it.