So finally Blogger has enabled e-mail posting.  YAY!!!   Now I don't have to come here every time I have something on my mind.
So what's new with me?  Well, plenty!  Been working 50-70 hours each week.  Went from being interested in Brandie to going out with Debra to now hooking up with Tabby.  If I ever find a certain Mr. Nelson, he will get a kick out of that!
But the situation with Tabby is very much deja vu.  It hit me at work last night, and then definitely hit me when I pulled up my old pictures.  Hopefully this time around things are a lot better!
So Darrell says I have one flaw holding me back from managing.  I think the one flaw I have is that I'm working here.  If I was at any other store, I'd probably be a co-manager, or being groomed for a co-manager spot.  If I wasn't so overwhelmed with things to do on top of having to run the front-end, I'd get a lot more accomplished.  I keep looking for a spot to open up in Albany, but I have my doubts that I will move back up anytime soon.

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