Catching up... maybe

Looked on the internet for a certain Mr. Nelson... and no I didn't find him. But people who are similarly named include a doctor, lawyer, and rock musician. So I knew I was heading in the wrong direction there! The man has to have gotten a computer at some point... might try looking on Yahell to track the man down!

Speaking of which, I tracked down stalkergirl and reportedly she is pregnant, due two days before my brother's 24th b-day! I've thought to e-mail her, or at the very least drop her IM block. It appears she dropped me off of her MSN list, so she more than likely dropped me off of Yahell as well, and AIM also. But if she IMs me, it won't be as bad since I can always go stealth on her ass! But she wouldn't be near as bad as if Jim were to find me online! I'd have to ditch every single profile I have, move cross-country, and change my name!

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