Weight of the World off my shoulders

Well, working in Bainbridge is so far a total blast! I'm loving every minute of it. Although I find that I'm wanting to get to know Amber better. She is way too young possibly, but she reminds me a lot of Brandie... and Jana. The first part was obvious the second time, the other part hit me right before it got busy before I left. She has Jana's smile, and I'm just guessing, but seems to be just as much of a party animal.

So I understand #175 hasn't crumbled to pieces yet. It seems that David is a very laid back person, so Stacy will still run amok on the front. I think I have to go back to it next week, and I'm dreading it. Back into the Hellhole one more time... maybe I can talk Stacey into requesting that I only work when Stacy isn't there. Hell, she'll probably do that herself! I plan on telling David everything he wanted to know and more about his FEM. Maybe it'll nudge him in the direction of firing her, and I will return and take her spot. My first act... Stephanie goes to part-time. Ah, but I can fantasize all I want but it'll never happen.

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