News from the Hellhole, followed by our Technology feature!

First, in local news, somebody at #175 is possibly pregnant. The baby boom is in full swing again if true. Although, I am still in the dark... is it Stacy or somebody else? I'm too afraid to ask!

Brandie has been located. She is in Cairo, working at IGA. Note to self: head to Cairo one of these days! Although, I think me and her look-a-like are starting to hit it off quite well. But I have, as a general rule, a thing about hanging around 16-year-olds, primarily that period should've ended about 4 or 5 years ago! As another rule of thumb, hanging out with cashiers was good in the days of Ronnie Lightsey and Tim Ray, but I've noticed that since then, I've only hung out with one cashier that was employed at the time... Ashlee.

Figured out the whole BitTorrent mess! OK, so I've been using the original version since I started using BT, save for a time when I tried Shareaza. But the problems with BT original is that it tried to connect every single computer leeching at the same time! Shareaza worked good, but took way too long to verify files. TorrentStorm works great! I can limit the number of connections, thereby improving my download speeds on both torrents and web surfing. So finally, Joey can quit complaining! I'm downloading LZ San Diego 3/14/75, and instead of waiting two more hours as it downloads at 13-25 KB/s, its almost done as I write, going at three times the speed! But of course had the Presence server not been knocked silly, it'd have been done last night.

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