Down Day

Well this has been a pretty bad day. My dad is still here, and it seems like he will never leave! I have yet to see the phone bill... its probably arrived and was promptly hidden. Must be outrageously high, and if so I may as well move back in with mom until I can get enough saved up and move and not tell anybody where I'm going. But what really has me down is Brandie. I went from the most wonderful of emotions on Monday to the pits as soon as I called the number she gave me. I thought me and her were, at the very least, friends, but I see she is just like Angee. Why do I even bother? April has wanted to be with me since she was 14. Carolyn seems to have a crush on me. I have no reservations about asking her out, but if I date her, I'd have to face criticism from, oh, the entire Southeastern United States, more specifically my aunts and uncles and all of Mitchell and Decatur counties. I thought for sure that things were going well between me and Debra, but silence is not my preferred method of communicating with anybody, although maybe I need to e-mail her. Ditto with Tabby... maybe if I call her we might get more serious.

Brandie doesn't know what she is missing. I'm not like all the other guys she is around. I actually care about her as a person, not like all the other guys who want to get her in bed. Why did she not tell me the truth about how to get in contact with her? More importantly, why did she not call me? In the past I might've dwelled on this for some time (how long did it take me to get over Jana again?), but see the first paragraph there? I have plenty of others who I can ask out, and I'm not gonna wait on Brandie to make up her mind on what she wants in her life.

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