I'm turning into Nelson!!!

And this is what I have brought onto myself:

  • Cydney sat down with me for the first few minutes of my first meal break today. The feeling I got is the same one I got from Jessica three years ago. She also mentioned she is free on her birthday, and basically hung around the front-end all day.
  • April e-mailed me last night, basically professing her love to me!
  • Haven't heard from Debra, really want to hear from Debra
  • Have thought about e-mailing Tabby, but do I really want to add more fuel to the freakin' fire?
  • Amber suggested that if I ever decided to date a cashier I should keep it hid... OK, so me and her were speaking hypothetically, and I think I'm overfull on my 'born in 1986' quota

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! And let's not even get started on the whole 'Brittany is on leave, therefore dateable' idea, though that could be lumped into the last point. At this point, a stay in Chattahoochee isn't out of my mind at this rate. :P

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