I'm beginning to worry about some of our cashiers. Specifically... they seem to be attracted to me! One seemed flirtatious with me (I don't know you, but want to know you deeper... something to that effect), another who I know is attracted (came onto me before I transferred, said it was just her luck that I was my age and she was her age). Let's see... the two girls last week who were staring at my ass also count! And oh yeah, certain females who work/worked in the back, and this one girl who comes in fairly often... that I'd just love to hook up with, bring home, and see the entire town's reaction!

Camilla population before Virgil brings home beautiful girl: approx. 5,600
Camilla population after Virgil brings home beautiful girl: approx. 3!

What can I say? I seem to now have a magnetic personality!

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