A poem

Where have you gone, my friend?
I thought we were close
To go through life through thick and thin
Call upon each other when we needed to vent our frustration
But now, you are never around
Maybe you have gotten too busy in your life
And you have forgotten about me

Did you ever think that I cared about you
And maybe even loved you at some point?
The traces are engraved deep on the line
Of how we used to make each other laugh
And how we pulled through and helped in desperate times
But you're 'big city' now
And I'm still 'small town'
I'll always be here for you
But where are you now?

A simple 'hello' would do
But I know I'm just as guilty
Trapped in a place I don't want to be
And working hard to make it
I think about you all the time
Wondering whatever happened to my friend

So maybe I will write
Or maybe you will come across this
But I'd love to hear from you
Just to know that you're thinking of me

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