The floodgates

Rachel called last night, as I mentioned in a previous post. I wondered why, and think I may know...

Brandie came by the store today. As I got back, Ansley had told me a girl had called for me, but they did not say who they were. She described the voice as "kinda whiny", but when I pressed her for details she said the voice sounded a bit deep. Could've been Rachel, could've been Jessica. And then Ansley came into the office and asked if the girl at our service counter knew Stacey, and zoomed the camera in. My heart stopped for a second. Now I knew the floodgates were in the wide-ass open position! But anyhow, Brandie was getting on all of our nerves by tying down our phone lines in search of Stacey. Why we did not know, but I soon found out that she was apparently needing to borrow some money to help pay off a speeding ticket. so she hung around the front-end for a few HOURS waiting to see if I would help. I would've loved to help, but all things considered, I was very skeptical, so no go on the dough. But, Brandie did say I could come by and see her... went by her place (once I found it) and she wasn't there. Considering it is raining tomorrow, I will try again Wednesday.

But why now? Why are the floodgates opening now that I am involved with somebody? And especially with both Rachel and Brandie both being single? Makes me wish I could convert to old-school Mormon (no offense meant).

But I think I now know why Rachel was calling me. Either a) she and Angee are friends again and Angee knew I would more than happily help out Rachel, all things considered, or b) Rachel was trying to warn me that Angee was up to a few of her old tricks, and was going to be sending Brandie knowing full well I might, all things considered. (Considering I try to keep this as a 'family-friendly blog' I will not go into specifics about what 'all things consdiered' means.) On the other hand it could've been all just a strange coincidence. Might not know until this weekend, when Rachel will be home.

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