Planned changes

Well, Greg has taken it upon himself to gather together roughly the entire front-end in an effort to make a few changes to... ME! He's gonna try to get me hooked up with a girl. Well, my idea of 'hooking up' and Greg's idea of 'hooking up' are two vastly different ideas. I couldn't get in the mood to... you know... do THAT unless I had feelings for the female I am with. I don't believe in the idea of casual sex. I'm not sure how it is described, but to me that is basically finding somebody at random and mating. I'd have to know the person a little bit before I decided upon that course of action.

Trust me, I know who I would want to go out with. Surprisingly, right off-hand I can find four people that actually DON'T work with me I would love to go out with. There is this one girl... I don't know her name, but lately everytime I see her she always smiles at me. I'd love to ask her out. Not sure how old she is though... at minimum I'm guessing 17. If I see her again, I will ask her out.

And of course... there is Brandie. My mind is conflicting with going to see her or not. Maybe I should just do it, and get that out of the way.

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